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Oren Izenberg Robert Lowell at the End of History

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Oct. 24th, 2004 | 09:40 pm
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So I haven't written anything about being in Bschool. I will ignore that for now.

Yesterday I went to see part of the Chicago humanities open house:

Robert Lowell at the End of History
Oren Izenberg
Robert Lowell was one of the most influential poets of the last half-century. In this session, we will focus on poems from Lowell’s best-known book, Life Studies, and consider the ways in which a great artist struggles with a great question: Deprived of the confidence that our story is part of a larger plan— a history that marches always toward triumph, a nation with a blessed fate and a certain future—how can we come to value or grant significance to the story of the singular person— to my life, my family, my turmoil, my perception, my mind?

It was wonderful. I felt like dying parts of my brain were being stimulated. I think it was the way that he made all these connection with Lowell's poem "Beyond the Alps" to poems of John Donne, Elizabeth Bishop, and William Wordsworth. Especially since bschool is consuming my life. I haven't been able to read anything but econ and accounting for a couple of weeks now. Maybe it isn't so different from a normal English class, but I haven't had one in such a long time. I am now plotting how I might sit in on his intro to poetry class during the winter.

All the people there were about 50. I wonder what they are in their real lives. I tried to spot profs that I might know, but didn't have any luck.

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